Monday, 20 February 2012

Slack I am

I was going to blog everyday ,BUT things just do not always turn out the way you would like.
I have been busy don't get me wrong I seem to go all day & get no where fast. Last Saturday was too hot for me to do anything other than go to the supermarket. , Sunday I went to an Antique Fair enjoyed the wander but again it got rather warm . I tried to get some scrap bits together for a scrap meet on Mon. still did'nt get too far with that as I was so tired. {from late night reading]
Monday came I had to be in three places at the same time ,ever get days like that I do , too often. Had to have a blood test, take dog to the dog wash., then to vet home again then be out at scrap meet for lunch .I was 15minutes late but the girls waited for me . I felt good about that.
My daughter has 3 night shifts so I was on the run again ,up to her home to have a sleep over & take grandaughter to school I will do a pick up after school take her home go to my home finish cooking dinner feed and walk dogs have dinner clean up then up for my next round of sleeping over. I have to get some lunch now as I am feeling weak from all this writing..

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