Sunday, 29 January 2012

Having a lost day

My day has started out all wrong, so hot yesterday and last night it rained ,  this morning a bit muggy but not too bad , I'm just a little scattered at the moment . have to take "Pickle" to the vet she's a kelpie coolie x and has a skin problem. losing hair and itching has had flea & worm treatment has been on cortisone but have run out so it all comes back, hence the vet visit.
I hope I can settle after I've been got her sorted and get some jobs done tho I don't feel much like doing anything but getting into my scrapping. I do have a couple of layouts to finish off. [more like 20] I really
must try harder to get organised...

made by me

made by me by elainec4
made by me, a photo by elainec4 on Flickr.
hand made card roses & all I managed to finally get this on my blog. I still have trouble finding me
I hope I'll soon get over that as I have getting my photo's onto flickr I can do it , I know I can. bye 'til next time...

Nothing to report today

Not much at all as it's been so hot I've not been playing around with my scrappin just finishing of my sisters birthday card . It will be a day late but better than not at all.I will have a go at putting it up on my blog.                                                                                                                                                            I really must get my calendar organised I have started out in a muddle one tends to get out of "routine" during the holiday period or is it only me........

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Busy day.

I've had a fullday today , been to the dentist ,supermarket. home for lunch then to have my hair  done.
I have also been working on a spray for a scrapbook page, making leaves and putting it together looking
good so far. I take awhile in designing some of my pages as I like to challenge myself . The page I'm working on I'm trying to make it "vintage" will post it when finished [if successful] that is.
It's still quite warm here and once again I will have to stop for a cold drink and think about dinner , might get back later.....

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Australia Day.

I have been sorting out again finally getting rid of some "stUff" I've been hoarding for eons.
Just getting a bit tired of all the clutter, tho I do try but some how it does not seem to make a difference  I'll keep at it and then one day soon it'll be as I would like it. [dream on] no I'm really determined to do this. I would like to do some scrapbooking without thinking of what I really should be doing. I do get the jobs done in a round about sort of way but keep getting side tracked. Like this morning I did washing, washed 1 dog I've yet to hang it out[ the laundry not the dog.]bit hot outside yet waiting 'til the sun goes down. Have just finished lunch must make a cuppa. I hope to be able to post a scrap page today [sometime] that is all for now ...

Monday, 23 January 2012

I did it

I have managed to post my scrap page to a challenge .. I must check to see if it 's up..
I've not been feeling to crash hot yhis morning ok now so I'll take it easy for awhile & just do what
I fancy .. lay back & read in a cool spot. Must check the blog that I posted my challenge .. Bye for the now,,

Yes it's there but I still have to add what I used to create it.  card stock "sage green" patterened paper "unque boutique " "white card ? " purple sticky notes " " punched flowers, letters , green diamentes , pearls .
plastic doily & ribbon I nearly forgot white pen for journal on tags . ...

still trying agin ..

I will work this out.I think I'm getting there a little more practice I'll be a whiz...
I best go and hang out my washing as the sun has now gone down which means a bit cooler outside. 

purple, green & white.

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Still trying..

I will get there yet.I hope I have done what I was trying to do , if i have I will try the next action I would like to do , fingers crossed..


memories by elainec4
memories, a photo by elainec4 on Flickr.

Purple green & white

Sunday, 22 January 2012

a pic..

I tried to put in on my profile page but who knowa it may get there one day.
I will have another play later must get lunch as I'm starting to feel weak need some fuel
to keep going. Back soon.

I found it

I thought I would never get it back , a bit of a fumble but I did it. just hope I get it right .
I have been having a bit of a "sorting out my junk" day as it was getting a little warm and I needed a break
I thought I'd give this a try. I'm going to have a go at putting up a photo , that will be after lunch tho. be back then.

A little of what I do

I spend many hours just doing a little bit of this and that, whatever takes my fancy.sometimes I knit, read when I get a good book I do not like to put it down, not good sometimes as I should be doing other things.
I LOVE scrapbooking and do a few cards I like to try and challenge myself with different designs and ways of using embellishment. I will have a go at putting some of my work up at a later date,  I am new to the Blog world  will have to navigate my self around.
I say by for now until I get back to this again