Saturday, 28 April 2012

Lost again

I can't get to my post

A card for casual friday's challenge

I have made this card depicting spring. I'm trying to use up some of my "bits&pieces"
On finding card challenge's I've got the bug, I still do my scrapbooking but when  working in the lounge area I work on cards.

Casual friday's challenge.April.

DSCF1043 by elainec4
DSCF1043, a photo by elainec4 on Flickr.
card challenge My Spring card for Casual Friday's challenge.

Card challenge.I can't find the site.

DSCF1045 by elainec4
DSCF1045, a photo by elainec4 on Flickr.
card challenge This one if for

Thursday, 26 April 2012

I do not like the new look

I am lost with this new blog whatever . Give me back the old one. I will have to work hard at getting around this I had just began to get the hang of the other way.

moio challenge

I cannot seem to be able to crop this pic on my blog. When I get it from flicka it just goes so quick.
I have made the grid on the card using ribbon.. More practice in photo taking is needed for me.

Friday, 13 April 2012

scrapbook boutique colour challenge

scrapbook boutique colour challenge by elainec4
scrapbook boutique colour challenge, a photo by elainec4 on Flickr.My Mum. I've not created a fussy page as I wanted the focus on the photo. . I'm still not sure of if it works or not. I need comments, good or otherwise.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

mojomonday 236

DSCF1009 by elainec4
"mojomonday challenge "a photo by elainec4 on Flickr.
mojomonday sketch challenge 236 A card for any reason .I have used different patterns of purple paper.
for some reason that's what came to me at the time I was thinking about making a card for this challenge.
Rather plain but I think pretty.

purple pumpkin sketch april challenge.

DSCF1003 by elainec4
"layout using purple pumkin april sketch challenge "a photo by elainec4 on Flickr.
purple pumpkin april sketch challenge. I just had to scrap my long lost Ginger Puss , he's only a kitten here but went for a long road trip to Sydney many years ago on top off a tarped load of "spuds" was located when tarp was removed . One very frightened Ginger Puss, he eventually escaped despite all efforts to catch him. I think the cut out puss is from a free digi stamp I'll check that.

Friday, 6 April 2012

I have managed

a bit easier this time to add a blog candy pic to my side bar. It is cold in my room today the sun is shining but cold indoors, I will have to go aand sit outside in the sun for awhile with my book or maybe knitting...

I think I have done it

in a sort of fashion I hope to be able to to this action again with less drama..

Sorry lisaspaperfun

I truly just cannot work it out I'm almost inside out trying  but still not getting it..I will endeavor to keep at it tho...Every time I think I've worked it out it has not. try Try try again..

I just cannot figure it out

I have tried so many times to add things to my sidebar but I still have not got it. I will try again again again....
it is trying to rain here at the moment I hope we get a little as my garden needs a drop.
I will now go back for another try..

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Tired again

it seems that every time I get to write on my blog it;s almost bedtime. I get up so early and seem to go all day get nothing much done but I'm sooooo tired.
Well I did do some altering of slacks for my daughter , went down to the "thrity link hardware " store , post office ,went into town to see my daughter, came home , planted some bulbs  & rosemary , walked the dog 4 times [each time around our paddock which is large] and that wears me out , made lunch , read a page of my book , played at tidying up my play area , played a bit.fed dogs ,walked a bit again , made a coffee sat for a few moments time to get dinner on had dinner played a bit more on computer which is where I am now .
        I will have to go to bed now as I will have a busy day tomorrow,

Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Top-001 by elainec4
 a photo by elainec4 on Flickr.
mojo235 monday challenge. My camera died so the best I could do was via scanner but the flower was too high for the card to be flat, Well I tried..