Thursday, 5 April 2012

Tired again

it seems that every time I get to write on my blog it;s almost bedtime. I get up so early and seem to go all day get nothing much done but I'm sooooo tired.
Well I did do some altering of slacks for my daughter , went down to the "thrity link hardware " store , post office ,went into town to see my daughter, came home , planted some bulbs  & rosemary , walked the dog 4 times [each time around our paddock which is large] and that wears me out , made lunch , read a page of my book , played at tidying up my play area , played a bit.fed dogs ,walked a bit again , made a coffee sat for a few moments time to get dinner on had dinner played a bit more on computer which is where I am now .
        I will have to go to bed now as I will have a busy day tomorrow,

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