Tuesday, 28 February 2012

To day is Wednesday

29th feb. offically last day of summer. I'm not looking forward to the cold weather tho it's the frosts I 'm not too keen on.
Another lost day I'm having today. I went up to take granddaughter to school but no go I'm afraid I spoke loudly to her but she took no notice and would not answer me. I worry about her . My daughter is too soft with her
Oh well I'll just get on with the day and try to relax a bit.
Almost lunch time soI'll not write much as I'm getting a bit peckish.
 I have a rough spot on my desk keep scratching my arm as I type, must fix that.
I will try and  put up some of my work to make my blog look pretty.....

Monday, 27 February 2012

I cannot believe

today is Tuesday ,I seem to have missed a couple of days . Have been very busy doing what  I don't know.
I had a book to finish and have started another a "Karen Rose" Count to Ten . quite good & exciting , a hard cover so heavy to hold in bed I need to rest it on a pillow. I've nearly finished it but I will try not to pick it up just yet , it's right in front of me.[temptation] I was going to put up some layouts I may do that a bit later. I do not have to go anywhere 'till this evening then I go to sit with my granddaughter as my daughter has an evening shift, so another late night for me a dayshift the next day an early morn. for me to get granddaughter to school.then a couple of days off. Had a lot of rain last night but the sun is shining now may get some washing out  maybe ,that is can't really be bothered just yet. I feel like a scrapbook page coming on. ...

Saturday, 25 February 2012


I took myself up to visit my friend whom I hadn't seen in a looooong time . We had a great day chatting trying to catch up. Time went so fast. It was a very hot day but I did manage to get back home. I was tired but soon came good .Cooked dinner ,had it & now having a play but not for too long as I'm really ready to lay back with my book, just a novel but interesting . I bought a new "Jo Nesbo" book & can hardly wait to get into it.,I've read all but 2 of them I have to find "The Nemsis" I'll come across it one day. Well I must be away now .

Thursday, 23 February 2012

I pressed the wrong key

and it gave me a blank spot. I will come back later and put something on it..

a sketch challenge

Marc & max . I have done this for a challenge if I can get it to go to where I want it to
if I can remember how Idid it..Posted by PicasaI think I did ,I think I did.,I will check to see in a moment. i may just play around later and put some more of my work up. I do have to right now get the washing off the line and make the bed as I stripped it this morning now have to make it before we can get into it. Not yet tho too early.
I must try and change the font on my blog sonething else for me to play with.

playing before bed

I'm home in" mine own bed" tonight. This running around just wears me out. I have been trying out a new background for my blog, not sure whether I like it or not,would like to be able to put a few pretty things on it .I'll learn how to one day.
I have got together some paper & a few bits ready to put a layout together but will do that in the daylight as I find at night the light is not good as I cannot see the colours as well .I hope to enter in another "sketch challenge" I enjoy doing it as I get inspired by the challenge.I love looking at other works  out there fantasic layouts & inspiration.Well time has gone bye too quick tonight so I'll get myself to bed as I feel a bit too tired to play anymore.......

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

another round

It is almost time for me to go again to my daughters for a sleepover. I'm ready for bed now but when i get up there I get a second burst of energy. I hope to lay back a read a bit then drop off to sleep I've had a busy day again doing what I don't know mainly driving back & forth that tires me out.. I was organised to put a casserole in the slow cooker so I had dinner on the go was very nice sweet&sour pork loads of vegetables.in it, stewed plums with pears & cut up 2 bananas in to, had that with cream & a dob of ice cream [low fat] 
Well must make a cup of tea & then be off.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Slack I am

I was going to blog everyday ,BUT things just do not always turn out the way you would like.
I have been busy don't get me wrong I seem to go all day & get no where fast. Last Saturday was too hot for me to do anything other than go to the supermarket. , Sunday I went to an Antique Fair enjoyed the wander but again it got rather warm . I tried to get some scrap bits together for a scrap meet on Mon. still did'nt get too far with that as I was so tired. {from late night reading]
Monday came I had to be in three places at the same time ,ever get days like that I do , too often. Had to have a blood test, take dog to the dog wash., then to vet home again then be out at scrap meet for lunch .I was 15minutes late but the girls waited for me . I felt good about that.
My daughter has 3 night shifts so I was on the run again ,up to her home to have a sleep over & take grandaughter to school I will do a pick up after school take her home go to my home finish cooking dinner feed and walk dogs have dinner clean up then up for my next round of sleeping over. I have to get some lunch now as I am feeling weak from all this writing..

Monday, 13 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day

I am debating as to whether to do some ironing or make a card . Once I get started in my craft room I get lost in my own little world of chaos. I might have breakfast first and try to motivate myself into doing ironing first for a while at least try and get some sort of order in that area.
I will get back to this later
   Well I'm back I have done no ironing ,started a card ,washed 2 little dogs [maybe little but hard work ]read a few pages of my book , where has the day gone? I really now must put myself to bed as I have an early morning coming  up & a runaround sort of day makes me tired to think about it.
I thought I was retired.....

I'm here again.

I should be washing the dinner dishes and tidying up, but I felt I had to check to see if my scrapbook page loaded ok into "scrapbook boutique" challenge, it did, after it took me so long to press the right button . I will get the hang of it soon [I hope] I've put it on my blog as well. that wasn't so difficult.
I will have a go at making a card next for the challenge.
As usual my day has been hectic , still I got to play a little as well, read some more of my book I hate to
finish it as I feel lost when I've come to the end of a good book.I will have to line up another.
Another vet visit with "Pickle" this time skin scraping , injection & more tablets. hope we can eradicate this problem with mange mite,she has 3 more injections to go , hope she can tolerate all this . I'll post a photo
soon she has a sweet face & loving nature. Must be off now jobs to do before bed & book.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

I will try to blog everyday...

I do not know where the time goes . Maybe I "dilly dally" too much. I start one job and again get distracted with something else. I have started on a challenge for "Scrapbook Boutique" I might put  two entries in ,a page & a card. I had some words of a song in my head for the scrapbook page so I looked it up & ended
up watching a few clips on you tube. I thought I'd best stop and get on with my page. {thay's how time gets away from me}
I will have to sit back soon and read some more of my book..The Leopard" by Jo Nesbo as I'm up to making little red ribbon roses, I best do that in daylight . I hope to put my work up on my blog , maybe someone might see it. PS getting cool here at night.I rather the warm weather...

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Been awhile

I have had no inclanation to be playing at blogging the last few days.
feeling a bit on the low side. I am in a better frame of mind  today I have so many jobs I need to be doing but never seem to get to as I get distracted with other more exciting things.
Had a late night , just couldn't get moving this morning I have a load of washing that's just finished so I'll hang that out then walk the little dog ,then settle down perhaps to think about a page for the Scrapbook Boutique challenge. , maybe i'll do some ironing this afternoon & watch a movie . I have so many to watch but never get around to. I WILL THIS YEAR<

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Back Again

I've been a bit on the slack side of keeping up with my blog.
    Have been busy with appointments,vet,dentist,& doctor. I'll now get on with it. Been to the dog wash with 1dog & have bathed the 2 little ones at home a big job these doggies.Have a problem with I think is "Mange" costing a fortune in finding out, another vet visit next week.
I have almost finished my "Vintage" page just a bit of journling to do. Scrapbook get together Monday . looking forward to it. I will have to get busy this afternoon getting a little organised to go.will post my page when it's finished. bye for now.....