Monday, 27 February 2012

I cannot believe

today is Tuesday ,I seem to have missed a couple of days . Have been very busy doing what  I don't know.
I had a book to finish and have started another a "Karen Rose" Count to Ten . quite good & exciting , a hard cover so heavy to hold in bed I need to rest it on a pillow. I've nearly finished it but I will try not to pick it up just yet , it's right in front of me.[temptation] I was going to put up some layouts I may do that a bit later. I do not have to go anywhere 'till this evening then I go to sit with my granddaughter as my daughter has an evening shift, so another late night for me a dayshift the next day an early morn. for me to get granddaughter to school.then a couple of days off. Had a lot of rain last night but the sun is shining now may get some washing out  maybe ,that is can't really be bothered just yet. I feel like a scrapbook page coming on. ...

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