Thursday, 28 June 2012

Mojo monday 247 cahallenge

A card for mojo 247 another un- sentiment card if there is such a word.I did make it an easel card but only showing the front of it here.

Monday, 25 June 2012

a card for c4c142 challenge

DSCF1161 by elainec4
DSCF1161, a photo by elainec4 on Flickr.
Another blank greeting card, I hope I followed the sketch ok.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

a layout for purple pumpkin june sketch

DSCF1158 by elainec4
DSCF1158, a photo by elainec4 on Flickr.
Not in the best of creativity when I did this I was a bit down as I could not find the bits i was looking for. always losing my stuff one minute it's there the next it's gone to be found another day when it's right in front of me. I NEED A HOLIDAY>>>>

Friday, 22 June 2012

scrapbookboutique june colour challenge.

DSCF1154 by elainec4
DSCF1154, a photo by elainec4 on Flickr.

My layout for Scrapbook boutique challenge June.I've had this photo for ages have been wanting to do something special with it so here it is." Princess with an A." ..

card for mojo monday 246

DSCF1146 by elainec4
DSCF1146, a photo by elainec4 on Flickr.
Here is another creation. I was anxious again to get it photographed ,I know I should wait for daylight. . I've left it blank from a greeting as sometimes one needs a card for any reason aven if just to say "hello" .

Saturday, 16 June 2012

A card for another challenge.

I would like to be able to edit my post without all the drama I have to go through to do so.
Thought I would try a different challege today, as it's cold and a bit wet outside I was going to work a bit in the garden no go so I'm doing the next best thing , playing in my crafty area ..

card for C4C 141

DSCF1136 by elainec4
DSCF1136, a photo by elainec4 on Flickr.
my creation for C4C 141
recipe for this was ''3 papers, 3 pearls
3 buttons and 3 flowers.
 I have used 3 different papers , 3 handmade flowers , 3 buttons for flower centre
I have put 3 pearls as well. I have followed  the recipe . looks ok I think anyways I'm pleased with how it
turned out..

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Not having a good day

things I would like to be doing but it's not happening. I have to blame the weather,  feel I could just sit back & read my book I think I'll just do that..I'll then came back to post my card up for mojo 445.
I have put it up I think . I've just come back from taking my granddaughter into town to buy a set of bathroom scales so she can check her weight , she's paranoid about it .

mojo 245

DSCF1135 by elainec4
DSCF1135, a photo by elainec4 on Flickr.

Well i hope I do it right this time.
My card for mojo monday 245.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

lost it again

What  is my address ? how do i find it ?

june challenge for"wildaboutscrap"

DSCF1126 by elainec4
DSCF1126, a photo by elainec4 on Flickr.

I have attempted to follow all instructions.
paint,torn scrunched added this and that ,
here is the end product. I am happy with it.
hope it is the way to go.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012


DSCF1124 by elainec4
DSCF1124, a photo by elainec4 on Flickr.

My take on mojo244 sketch challenge.
I have again lent to same colour scheme different shades of blue this time.
I get an inspiration and that the way it goes. I will try something else for the next card.