Monday, 13 February 2012

I'm here again.

I should be washing the dinner dishes and tidying up, but I felt I had to check to see if my scrapbook page loaded ok into "scrapbook boutique" challenge, it did, after it took me so long to press the right button . I will get the hang of it soon [I hope] I've put it on my blog as well. that wasn't so difficult.
I will have a go at making a card next for the challenge.
As usual my day has been hectic , still I got to play a little as well, read some more of my book I hate to
finish it as I feel lost when I've come to the end of a good book.I will have to line up another.
Another vet visit with "Pickle" this time skin scraping , injection & more tablets. hope we can eradicate this problem with mange mite,she has 3 more injections to go , hope she can tolerate all this . I'll post a photo
soon she has a sweet face & loving nature. Must be off now jobs to do before bed & book.

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