Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Australia Day.

I have been sorting out again finally getting rid of some "stUff" I've been hoarding for eons.
Just getting a bit tired of all the clutter, tho I do try but some how it does not seem to make a difference  I'll keep at it and then one day soon it'll be as I would like it. [dream on] no I'm really determined to do this. I would like to do some scrapbooking without thinking of what I really should be doing. I do get the jobs done in a round about sort of way but keep getting side tracked. Like this morning I did washing, washed 1 dog I've yet to hang it out[ the laundry not the dog.]bit hot outside yet waiting 'til the sun goes down. Have just finished lunch must make a cuppa. I hope to be able to post a scrap page today [sometime] that is all for now ...

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