Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Lost in days

It is now the 6th of March.. cannot believe it !! I really don't know what I do with my time. I've tried listing as what I actually do but couldn't keep up. must be so busy doing 100 things at the same time and getting nowhere.
 Thought I would spend some time getting some clothes sorted but my mind was on something else I have a cardigan almost finished I picked that up started to knit then thought of something else.  Had a page I was thinking of so I decided to tidy up my scrap area but found I was into the page before I knew it was lunch time I did do a couple of wash loads and hung that out but after lunch I was just so tired I laid down and on the bed to finish off my book which I did and then semi dozed for an hour or two. Got up made a carrot cake put some veg. soup on for dinner had dinner cleand up well ..dishes are still on the drainer,[I will get another dishwasher I seem to always have dishes on the sink ] I will have to get organised my craft room is everywhere, as everything else. I feel I'm running out of time...I will put some of my work up ,I will I will...
Must go to bed now as I'm seeing double, so tired..Goodnight..

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