Monday, 19 March 2012

Late again

I seem to have lost some days again. I was going to have some layouts posred  but I,ve been here there and everywhere and my little camera has died and I cannot find my tiny one . I've been cleaning up but I know it's in a safe place as I cannot find it.Went to the Zoo yesterday a BIG day I've not been for years . I was amazed to see how beautiful the the grounds were. Just so many places and  animals to see we did not get around all of the area , was quite a hot day  I  was exhausted by the time we got home . Having walked around most of 3hrs. I could hardly sit when I did I found it hard to get moving again.
It was at the zoo that my camera died , I managed a few photos mainly of the snakes , lizards & turtles.
Must be off again to bed with my book. Had a scrapbook day today with our little group the time goes too fast when we have our days as we all seem to get on with whatever we  are doing & talk at the same time have a grizzle about this & that in all a great time together.We meet twice a month. I'm off now a cuppa & to bed ......

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