Monday, 26 October 2015

 October 25th 2015.
It is an age since I have been on my blog. ... not been very active over Winter as it's too cold in my craft room . I will have to make changes for next cold season.  I have soooooo many changes to make ...
                                       Tidy up and put in place all my scrapbooking "STUFF"
                                       Recycle all unwanted clothing . [instead of just hoarding for another day ]
                                       and that goes for magazines and the like..
                                       Do gardening .and more scrappin.......

I have been creating many layouts but not so much entering into challenges only on one facebook one were there are 5 challenges for the month. I will put my entries up here when I get a moment to find them , they are hidden in this computer somewhere.....Found them . A colour challenge . Grey / Lemon / with a dash of Black........The other one is a " scrap lift  " ..more for another day...

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