Thursday, 28 November 2013

My Creative Scrapbook Dec. Sketch Challenge.

At it again , as I keep having all this inspiration coming at me from blog cruising I just have to keep on scraping. I know I should be getting my craft room in some sort of order but when I attempt the task I find something that "NEEDS" to be used be it a photo or papers or an idea I've seen.
This layout is using a photo of my grandson sitting in a shopping trolley eating his first ice cream cone .
 So gorgeous it  was regardless of the mess.Photo not real good as the lighting was rather bright & my then [as now] camera was not of top range. The memory of that day is something I will never forget as it was such a great day and to see this photo I can still remember...


  1. Love your circle!! Very cool layout!

  2. I love the layout. What a great story to go along with it. thanks for playing along with the My Creative Scrapbook sketch challenge.